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    “We chose Denise Romer to handle my father-in-law's estate. We have been highly impressed with her knowledge and skill in these matters. What would have been overwhelming has turned into a controlled easy process. I highly recommend this office and Courtney Coburn is a very pleasant and charming paralegal who is amazingly helpful! Thank you both!” — Traci S.
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    “I had the pleasure of working with Denise Romer and Courtney Coburn at the Columbia Falls office after the death of my father. Throughout the process, Courtney was always incredibly responsive to my requests for information and Denise was an excellent and professional partner who helped me through all of the complexities of probate.

    I also appreciated their efforts to make sure we were kept in the loop throughout the process and the humor and levity of our communications. I would absolutely work with this team again in the future..” — Christopher J.
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    “This staff was so friendly, inviting, and professional! I wanted a will made up for my peace of mind and that's exactly what I got. It was so simple and it only took a few minutes for Denise to gather all the information she needed. It was such an easy process and Denise knew how to answer all of my questions and was extremely kind. I definitely recommend this office to anyone and everyone!” — Amanda D.
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    “Ms. Romer is not only highly professional but also truly cares about her clients. I can't express the gratitude I have for the outcome she gave us.  Patient, educational and informative on all fronts.  She makes sure you understand all aspects of whatever it is that's in front of you. Very very pleased!” — Christopher R.
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    “My husband and I were beyond impressed with the knowledge, guidance, and professionalism provided by Denise Romer in completing our family trust. The staff was friendly and welcoming. We highly recommend Denise Romer for your legal needs.” — Jasna S.
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    “Denise Romer is professional and compassionate. She is a great asset to our community! Get your will or trust complete for peace of mind.” — C. Green
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    “I met her & talked about estate planning & is the most down to earth lawyer I have met. Love her!” — Anna Z.
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    “Denise took the stress out of getting my will; she was so professional and made it easy.” — Sarah L.
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    “Courtney and Denise are professional and light-hearted. They made planning for my future easy to understand, even as a young person. I recommend their services for creating your LLC and protecting your assets. At the very least, have them help you get your Will in order.” — Wolf Z.
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    “Calming atmosphere, kind and knowledgeable staff, organized and easy.” — James
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    “My father died suddenly last year and I had no idea where to even start. I was looking through Google for a Montana lawyer as I am from Oregon. I had a good feeling about Denise and I am so glad I contacted her. She has gone FAR above and beyond to help me and my family in one of the most horrible times of our lives. She has time and time again shown true compassion and her extensive knowledge of the law. 5 stars are simply not enough to truly acknowledge the greatness that is Denise and this firm.” — Justin M.
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    “I really appreciate the professional and fast service I got from Columbia Falls Estate Planning. They handled all of my estate planning needs and made the process completely painless. Courtney is a dream to work with!” — Kimberly D.
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    “They are extremely helpful in answering all my questions and helping me through a challenging phase.” — Katie K.
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    “Denise and Courtney were so great to work with when I needed to get my will done. They were professional, efficient, and made the process so easy for me.” — Cassie C.