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Trudy Romer



Trudy is a naturalized citizen from Switzerland (holds dual citizenship), who was a practicing estate planning and administration attorney for approximately 30 years for JP Morgan in Texas and Oklahoma. Trudy retired in 2018 and subsequently made the mistake of telling Denise she was “bored”. She now provides part-time Paralegal services for Columbia Falls Estate Planning (it was an agreed upon demotion)!

Trudy brings an extensive knowledge of estate planning and administration practices, real estate transactions, wealth management and tax related skills to Columbia Falls Estate Planning.

Trudy is a true “Renaissance Woman” and always a delight to chat with! She holds a Juris Doctorate from Tulsa University, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Northeastern State University. She has a strong background in Architectural Design and Planning, as well as Restaurant/Business Management and Ownership.

What makes Trudy truly remarkable, and second-to-none, is that she achieved all of her skills and successes as a single mother of two, in a foreign country, with no familial or other support on the continent…and with English as her second language! Some of us call her “Wonder Woman”. She is an inspiration to all of us and a reminder that our goals are limitless and absolutely achievable, no matter our circumstances.

In her free time, Trudy loves to travel and spend time with her grandchildren. She also volunteers yearly for the VITA program, assisting low-income families and individuals with tax preparation and filing.